Dine and Shine After-School Lunch Program

Dine and Shine Sessions:

UPDATE: Dine and Shine will not be offered the first two quarters of the 2020-2021 school year. Chaeck back for updates.



Dine and Shine is an extended day program offered to currently enrolled students ages 3-5.

Program Info:

  • Days offered – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Time – 11:45 am to 2:15 pm
  • $12.50 per session
  • Pack your own lunch, refrigerator space is unavailable so pack lunches accordingly. Everything must be peanut/tree nut free.
  • Each day will have a fun craft and/or activity!
  • There are no parent help requirements for Dine and Shine!


Sign ups will happen quarterly. You are welcome to sign up for multiple days, even if it is a day your child does not attend.

There will be a minimum of 6 kids  and a maximum of 12 kids per day.


Please email or call with any questions.





Our staff and parents are top notch

Play Areas

Each classroom has a unique setup of play areas specific to the age group needs.


All teachers are highly qualified.

Play Based

Statistics show that play is one of the highest forms of learning in young children.


Our teachers know just how to run a class effectively.


All of our teachers are CPR certified and our facilities are constantly scrutinized for safety.

Classroom Facilities

The 2’s and 3’s classroom is set up for an easy transition to the next level of learning.  The space available provides room for kids to play and learn together.  The large sink is a great place to help clean up spills and messes so that kids can continue having a great time together.  Finally, a kid-sized bathroom is available to those children that are potty trained and to assist in potty training for those that are not yet potty trained.

Indoor Play Areas

Every class at Loveland Preschool is taught using a play-based curriculum.  This means that the indoor play areas are abundant.  From dress up to kitchens, manipulatives to sensory tables, you can be sure that your child’s classroom will be set up to meet their creative needs.

Further, each class uses weekly or monthly themes to help in keeping new play opportunities at the forefront.  Perhaps the sensory table this week will contain gold doubloons because we are learning about pirates, and next week it may be filled with snow because we are learning about how water can exist as ice!


Outdoor Play Areas

Loveland Preschool students enjoy daily access to outdoor playscapes with soft, sandy surfaces to keep the “owies” away.

With two separate outdoor play areas, students are able to stay with similarly aged children and the preschool is able to keep the 2’s and 3’s as safe as possible.



Living in Northern Colorado, the weather will sometimes put a damper on the playground.  Fortunately, for these days, the “wiggles” leave our students through playing in the gymnasium found just down the hall from our classrooms.

We try to play outside, even in the winter, but it’s nice to know that there are other options when it comes to staying busy even in inclement weather.