Governing Body

Parents of children enrolled in Loveland Preschool automatically become members of the corporation which runs the school. Trustees (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Scrip Coordinator, Trustee-At-Large, and Fundraising Coordinator) serve in staggered two-year terms and assume responsibility for policy-making and personnel matters. The rest of the Parent Board rotates annually (not every board position is a two year commitment). One year positions include Librarian and Events Coordinator. The trustees are also responsible for appointing additional Board members to chair various committees and take part in the daily operations of the school.

Regular monthly meetings are held by the trustees and board. These meetings are open, and all members are encouraged to attend. Meeting dates are published in the calendar, in the monthly newsletter, and on this website. Babysitting is provided for children of anyone attending.

A complete set of by-laws and articles of incorporation are available upon request. A current list of Trustees and Board members is posted on the bulletin board in the hallway, and is listed at the back of the handbook.

Cooperative Obligations

Welcome to Loveland Preschool! You have joined a Parent Cooperative Preschool which means you are willing to cooperate with other parents to provide your children with a quality preschool experience. Please read these pages to learn how you are expected to contribute to Loveland Preschool as a member of LPS. As a member of the cooperative, your obligations fall into three categories:

  • Maintenance – Each family is required to sign up for a maintenance duty.  There are many options available to fit your family needs.  Families sign up for their duty during fall orientation if they haven’t signed up already during registration.
  • Meeting Attendance – Parents are required to attend the Fall Orientation Meeting held the Thursday evening before school begins, and to participate in the Spring Corporation Voting held the first week of May, where you vote for the next year’s officers. Monthly meetings are held by the Trustees and Parent Board on the first Monday of each month. Meeting dates are published in the monthly newsletter. These meetings are open, and all members are encouraged to attend. Babysitting is provided for children of anyone attending if advance notice is given. Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled each Spring to discuss your child’s developmental progress. Of course, you may ask for a conference with the teacher at any time.
  • Parent Helping – The State of Colorado requires that we have a certain adult/child ratio in each of our classrooms. We depend on parent helpers to fulfill this requirement. Participation in your child’s education is an important aspect of parenting that reaps many benefits for you and your child. Your participation helps to keep our tuition low, plus you have the wonderful opportunity to interact with and observe your child in the preschool setting. The number of days you are expected to help is based on how often your child attends school each week, and how many children are enrolled in your child’s class. Each quarter, a parent is required to help the same number of days as your child attends preschool each week. So for the MWF class you would help three times per quarter and for the TTh class you would help two times per quarter. If the class is not enrolled to capacity you may be asked to parent-help additional times in order to maintain adult-child ratio. If you have more than one child enrolled in the school you have a parent-helper requirement in each child’s classroom. You are always welcome to sign up more than the required days.

Contact Information

Our parent board can be reached online through the following e-mails: